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series 30 electric actuator

Electric Actuators

Series 30

Flow Line Valve and Controls Series 30 Electric Actuators utilizing advanced technological engineering has produced the most reliable electric actuator on the market today. From the Model 30-0020 (265 inch pound) actuator to our Model 30-2600 (26,000 inch pound) you will find that Quality, Performance, and Reliability has been integrated through the product line.

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Series 30 Electric Actuator Features

  • Compact, rugged construction with a low weight to output torque ratio.
  • Torque range from 265 to 26,000 inch pounds.
  • Environmental protection of the aluminum actuator body and housing are hard anodized inside and out, with a powder coating applied to all outside surfaces.
  • Nema 4, 4x are standard with optional Nema 6 and Nema 7 units available.
  • No brakes are necessary, Models 30-0020 and 30-0050 have a self locking mechanism in the motor, Models 30-0080 to 30-2600 are self locking worm gear units.
  • Mounting base is to ISO 5211. Most models have duel ISO mounting patterns.
  • Drive socket is easily removed to allow for machining and installation.
  • Torque switches on Models 30-0100 to 30-2600.
  • Position indicators are standard on all models.
  • Overrides: Hand knobs for Models 30-0020 and 30-0050. Lever engaged De-clutchable Hand wheel with Lock Out for Models 30-0800 to 30-2600

Series 30 Electric Actuator Housing

  • Hard anodized Aluminum casting and external powder coating preventing severe environmental attact.

Series 30 Electric Actuator Manual Override

  • Utilizes a manual engagement lever (pad lockable) to clutch in hand wheel. Automatically disengages when power returns.

Series 30 Electric Actuator Sealing

  • Housing and body are sealed utilizing o-rings.

Series 30 Electric Actuator Gears

  • Precisely machined gears produces low noise, high torque, and minimum wear.

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