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double acting and spring return rack and pinion pneumatic actuator

Rack and Pinion Aluminum Actuators

Series 20/21

Flow Line Series 20 double acting and Series 21 spring return actuators are the latest and most technically advanced rack and pinion actuators on the market today. The Series 20/21 incorporates 17 sizes ranging in torque from 147 to 100,000 inch pounds. Features such as a fine tooth rack and pinion, internal and external travel stops, lifting eyes on larger sizes, and 304 SS hardware, all come from the continuing commitment of Flow Line Controls to innovate and provide the highest quality for our customers.

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stainless steel pneumatic rack and pinion actuator spring return and double acting

Stainless Steel Actuators

Series 22/23

Flow Line Series 22 double acting and Series 23 spring return actuators are technically advanced stainless steel rack and pinion actuators. The Series 22/23 incorporates seven sizes ranging from 147 to 9462 in pounds. Features such as fine tooth rack and pinion. Internal travel stops and stainless steel hardware ensure the standard of performance expected from Flow Line Controls valve automationproducts.

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series 30 electric actuator

Electric Actuators

Series 30

Flow Line Valve and Controls Series 30 Electric Actuators utilizing advanced technological engineering has produced the most reliable electric actuator on the market today. From the Model 30-0020 (265 inch pound) actuator to our Model 30-7900 (79,000 inch pound) you will find that Quality, Performance, and Reliability has been integrated through the product line.

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ISO actuator adapters

ISO Adapters

Actuator Shaft Adapters

Flow Line Controls adapters provide a convenient means for reducing the ISO 5211 female-drive size on large actuators so they will fit smaller shafts on many valves. Flow Line Controls adapters feature a Double Square design enabling actuators to be installed not only in the standard in-line or across the valve positions but also in 45 degree increments. This versatility can be a real benefit when installing automated valves in close quarters.

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